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Thank you for this piece, Christine.

If one has the desire, one will find reference to the cosmic waters outside of a biblical context. Personally, I find the Voluspa' a great source of this information.

Biblical context is perceived as the everyman explanation. The conquest of the Abrahamics, we are told, was so complete that if the biblical reference cannot be used, then the point cannot be made. Nothing could be further from the truth. The biblical context promotes an entire world view, and thus any such must contend with a tidal wave of assumptions and conceptions that are delivered with it.

There is no biblical allusion to the Aethers, yet when one steps beyond the notions abrahamic, one finds many useful communique's.

The abrahamics will not survive the tide that is sweeping in, yet for humans to be viable we must learn to escape controlling interests, and the Aethers are a great place to start.

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Thank you Mike,

"Notions abrahamic" is such an apt way to phrase the current "state" of affairs. My long investigation and deep diving conversations with Christian friends has revealed just how convoluted the mind programming is, however, like you say it will not survive the incoming tide.

❤️‍🔥 Christine

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The Universe only pretends to be made of matter.Secretly it is made of Love...

#Rumi. ❤️

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